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Last Sunset | Botanical Wax Melt

Last Sunset | Botanical Wax Melt

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Unwind with our 'Last Sunset' botanical soy wax melt!
This refreshing mix of lemongrass, eucalyptus, citrus peel, lemon, and geranium essential oils will fill your home with a refreshing aroma.
This blend is the perfect scent for:
- Helping mental clarity and concentration.
- Uplifting your mood and helping an anxious mind.
- Helping to boost your mood and reduce stress.

We recommend burning this blend:
- In your workspace, to help boost mental clarity and focus.
- As part of your morning routine to help promote positivity.
- After a deep clean to help refresh your space.
- The perfect blend for areas like the kitchen, entrance way & bathroom.

Our Botanical soy wax melts are made with sustainable soy bean wax, and 100% natural essential oils with a burn time of around 4-5 hours per cube with a total of around 30 hours per bar.
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